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About Us

Full Alliance Group is a diverse public holding company that acquires assets in the Healthcare, Nutraceutical and Cardiovascular healing space.


Responsible for Creating and Innovating Distribution Services for specific niche health markets throughout the world.


Low CAPEX with incredible high returns and exponential growth. Perfectly positioned in retail high growth.

Strategic Plan

The company has a detailed strategic plan of attack in place to increase shareholder value while diversifying its interests.

Unique Selling Proposition

From its marketing experience, the company has a very Unique Selling Proposition to wholesalers and retailers.

Acquisition Growth

Grow through acquisitions; providing investment capital, best practices and best in class management to grow companies to their top potential.

Existing Network

A large shareholder base and a detailed rapid growth plan within the existing procurement network.

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Full Alliance Group

The company’s strategy is to grow through acquisitions; providing investment capital, best practices and best in class management to grow specific health companies to their potential.

Clients can depend on the expertise of Full Alliance Group, Inc. to nurture and grow their operations. The company is dedicated to delivering projects efficiently, within budget, on schedule, and with unsurpassed attention to detail.

Companies acquired are paired off with Full Alliance Group, Inc.’s visionary management team. Focus is then given to capital growth and best practices.  Full Alliance Group’s strategy lies beyond the simple acquisition of companies and assets: The primary goal is to provide the means for the rapid growth of these acquisitions.

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We do this by providing an innovative educational system supporting rejuvenative healthcare. 

  • Dr. Louie Yu Formulations
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine