Popular Outlets Pick Up FGBG™: A Unique Nutritional Supplement Line for Women

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PharmaCenter, LLC, a Florida-based one-solution source to the natural supplement and nutraceutical industry, this week proudly announced that their supplement gummy line FGBG™ that caters to millennial women is now available through the following outlets: lookfantastic.com, skinstore.com, beautybridge.com, Suntan City, Altar’d State, and Four Seasons Sales & Services Distribution.

The specialists at FGBG™ (Feel Great. Be Great.) have developed unique gummy formulas specifically for women, which are pectin-based. This means they are made from natural fruits and not animal gelatin, making them 100% vegetarian-friendly and cruelty-free. The flavors are crafted to perfection and every gummy is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. Each serving is conveniently packaged into single-dose packets to make them easy to take anywhere.

The brand launched with three SKUs, which include a Hair Skin & Nail gummy along with a Women’s Multivitamin and CBD gummies. An additional SKU is scheduled to launch in April of this year.

The FGBG™ brand was created by twin sisters, Jessica & Melissa Medri, and Jairo Osorno while working at PharmaCenter LLC, a family-owned vitamin and food supplement manufacturing company in South Florida. As young entrepreneurs, Jessica and Melissa found it difficult to remember to take their vitamins every day. It was easy for them to miss an important step in staying healthy while juggling full-time jobs, attending college, working out, running errands, and so forth. The sisters needed vitamins that were easy to take anywhere.

This sparked the idea for an on-the-go daily dose packet. They quickly realized a portable and healthy vitamin brand was a huge opportunity. The twins noticed other established vitamin brands neglected to appeal to young female consumers, which motivated them to create a line that is specifically welcoming to women when shopping for health supplements. They partnered with Jairo, who was working on a brand inspired by the philosophy that “when you feel great you are great.” Jairo observed self-confidence exuded by those who were feeling their absolute best.

As a response, the three partners executed a brand dedicated to providing people with products that make consumers feel great, so they can be great!

They launched the first FGBG™ line in 2019 focusing on the health and beauty interests of millennial women.

“Our FGBG™ brand has been really well received by our retailing and distributing partners within beauty channels,” said Jairo Osorno, President of PharmaCenter, LLC. “The pandemic has surged industry demand to unprecedented levels and our partners can now participate in this additional revenue stream without competing with themselves. The way we present ourselves and the way we package our FGBG™ products makes us very attractive to retailers in the beauty channel space.”

About FGBG™

FGBG™ is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle inspired by the philosophy that when you feel great, you are great! This motivated us to formulate the highest quality products that are ethically sourced and handled with care.

For more information, visit: https://fgbglifestyle.com/.

About PharmaCenter LLC

PharmaCenter has been supplying the natural supplement and nutraceutical industry for over a decade as a cGMP and FDA Registered Facility. During this time, the company has built strong and long-lasting relationships with partners from around the world.

For more information, visit: http://pharmacenterusa.com/.

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