Dr. Louie Yu

(CMO) Chief Medical Officer


Dr, Louie G. Yu, a specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine and the founder of the Nutra Yu Products.  Recognized worldwide as a physician, teacher, and formulator of innovative nutritional products, his vast personal knowledge in the medical industry makes him uniquely qualified to manage the company’s future growth and further his life saving medical research.

Credentials and Affiliations

Creator of Quantum Energetic Medicine
Doctor of TCM and Acupuncture -Victoria Cultural Society, BC
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine -Shanghai TCM College
Certified in Orthomolecular Medicine -Libby Institute of Orthomolecular Medicine


Quantum Energetic Medicine98%
Traditional Chinese Medicine99%
TCM and Acupuncture94%
Orthomolecular Medicine95%

Contact Info

Phone : (510)-330-1888
Email : Dr.Yu@fullalliance.com