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Dr. Louie Yu Formulations

Nutraceuticals are products that provide health and medicinal benefits, including the prevention and treatment of diseases in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foodstuff. Nutraceuticals are particularly of interest to the present generation because they have the potential to substantially reduce the expensive, high-tech, disease treatment approaches presently being employed in Western healthcare.

Please feel free to go to Dr. Louie Yu’s website to preview all of the available products on the market.

A Team
Of Medical Professionals.

Medical Advisory Board Members:

  • Dr. Christine Collins, MD
  • Dr. Leonid Macheret, MD
  • Dr. William Eidelman, MD
  • Dr. Samedyar (Sam) Durrani, MD
  • Dr. Joseph Purita, MD

Marketing and Sales
of "Dr. Louie Yu Formulations"

Produce, manufacture and market nutraceuticals in China.

Israel Health Board approval on nutraceuticals, enter market in 2020.

Mexico Health Board approval on nutraceuticals, enter market in 2020 through our clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

A Rise to the Demand

The Nutraceutical industry is both a brain child and product of the need for preventative personalized medicine. Born of consumer demand for better food the Industry continues to use consumers for inspiration.

Nutraceutical’s have moved from healthy diet additions to mandatory diet requirements specifically designed to consumer requirements.

A Bid on Health

In 2010, the global nutraceutical market experienced a surge in growth, especially post the recession. The high cost of healthcare and the after effects of recession, especially in the developed world, drove consumers towards dietary supplements and functional food and beverages, in a bid to remain healthy and avoid treatment costs.

Our Medical team is led by Dr, Louie G. Yu, a specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine and the founder of the Dr. Louie Yu Formulation Products.  Recognized worldwide as a physician, teacher, and formulator of innovative nutritional products, his vast personal knowledge in the medical industry makes him uniquely qualified to manage the company’s future growth and further his life saving medical research.

Dr. Louie Yu Formulations Specialist

Dr. Louie Yu

(CMO) Chief Medical Officer


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