iBrands Corporation Reports Reduction of Brain Inflammation/Depression Associated Biochemical Pathway Using QuadraMune™ in Animal Studies

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LAS VEGAS, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iBrands Corporation (OTC: IBRC) (“the Company”), a diversified holding and branding company, announces filing of a new patent by nutraceutical product manufacturer Therapeutic Solutions Int’l (TSOI) covering suppression of the indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase (IDO) pathway by QuadraMune™ administration.

In the study, mice were administered lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a compound known to stimulate inflammation, in order to replicate inflammation-associated depression. Mice receiving LPS suffered a reduction in memory activity, as quantified using the Morris Water Maze test.

Administration of QuadraMune™ significantly inhibited inflammation associated with memory impairment, as well as reduced levels of kynurenine. Elevation of kynurenine is associated with activation of indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase, an enzyme associated with inflammation and depression [1].

“The current data support the possibility of QuadraMune™ being used as an adjuvant to numerous immune therapies whose efficacy is currently inhibited by the depression-inducing and immune blocking effects of the indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase enzyme,” said Dr. James Veltmeyer, Chief Medical Officer and co-inventor of the current patent. “Many times, when you activate the immune system, cells in the body, and in the brain, start producing the enzyme indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase, whose role is to restrain the immune system, and for reasons unknown, causes depression. By manipulating this enzyme through natural means, we are optimistic that we can enhance the efficacy of numerous immune modulatory treatments for viral and neoplastic conditions.”

Dr. Thomas Ichim, Board Member of Therapeutic Solutions International, has been working on this enzyme since 2013 when he published in the peer-reviewed literature regression of breast cancer using RNA interference to block its expression [2].

“From a commercialization perspective we are truly optimistic about the implications of the current results, which may require us to consider expanding our clinical trial programs,” said Timothy Dixon, President, and CEO of the Company. “The IDO enzymatic pathway is not only extremely interesting from a medical perspective, but companies working on manipulating this pathway have previously entered Big Pharma deals with potential values in excess of $1 billion [3].  In contrast to other programs that utilize synthetic approaches, QuadraMune™, which is comprised of natural ingredients and is available as a nutraceutical, may possess numerous advantages for accelerated commercialization.”

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About iBrands Farms

iBrands Farms is a vertically integrated agribusiness focused on the production of hemp derived products with naturally occurring cannabinoids along with other nutraceutical products. Our mission is to efficiently deliver the highest quality products to our customers, both retail and B2B. 

The company can be found at www.ibrandsfarms.com

About iBrands Corporation

iBrands Corporation, Inc. is a holding and branding company that acquires and operates niche market brands that have unique market positions within sectors that demonstrate return on investment potential. Business partnerships throughout the United States and Canada provide our brands many markets to expand into and produce consistently high growth rates for the next decade. 

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