Innovating for the post-pandemic world

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Dr Dominique Baum, Managing Director at SIRIO Europe, says there’s no doubt that a substantial proportion of consumers will have used this period of lockdown to educate themselves on how they can use vitamins and minerals to support their immunity and this is newly educated customer base will provide long-term opportunities to the sector.

“Consumers were generally becoming a lot more health conscious in the past few years anyway,” ​he explains, “but the pandemic has really stimulated consumers’ awareness of the importance of a healthy immune system, and how nutraceuticals can boost immunity.” 

Dr Baum outlines some of the key winners of this heightened immunity awareness will be vitamin D and omega-3

His predictions are in line with global data shared by Lumina Intelligence​, revealing that the number of Google searches for ‘immunity and probiotic’ in the 11 months pre-coronavirus was 3,940 on average, compared to a massive 21,370 in March 2020. 

Meanwhile, average monthly searches for vitamin D and Immunity, pre-COVID was just 320, compared to 4,400 during March 2020 and April 2020. Likewise, monthly searches for omega-3 and immunity soared from an average of 50 to an average of 480 (Google Keywords Planner).

But Dr Baum suggests that one even more important trend could be the preference for holistic health solutions. Consumers have long been drawn to multivitamins offering a range of health benefits and the nutraceuticals expert suggests innovations merging these two preferences will likely hit the spot.

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